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Women's Workout Program:

Our 12-week program consists of three days, each employing different training techniques.
  • 25-12-2023Day 1

    Focuses on increasing muscle and hypertrophy techniques, emphasizing muscle development and body shape change. The 45-minute circuit-style workout involves three rounds of 60 seconds each, incorporating cardio sprints between weight machine training exercises. The target is to complete no more than 15 reps, increasing the weight once this goal is achieved.
  • 26-12-2023Day 2

    Utilizes power techniques with explosive movements, fast and sharp, following the 60-second BBS circuit style class. The target rep range is 2–6 reps.
  • 27-12-2023Day 3

    Centers on endurance techniques, recruiting new muscle fibers with a lower weight on the machine. This session aims to complete 30–40 reps.

How It Works:

Experience a unique blend of compound machine exercises and cardio intervals in our 45-minute classes, ensuring high fat burn and full-body toning. Led by expert personal trainers, our classes ditch traditional weights for advanced compound machines, reshaping your physique.

Enhance your fitness journey with personalized diet plans and fitness assessments, tracking your progress toward your health goals. Join us at Booty Boutique Studios for a holistic and effective fitness experience!

Unleash Your Best Self with Booty Boutique Studios– Where Effectiveness Meets Exceptional Results!



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